Proteomics Core

The proteomics core laboratory at Children’s National Health System is located in the 5th floor in the Research Center for Genetic Medicine. The laboratory is equipped with the most recent state of the art mass spectrometry instruments: an ABI 4700 MALDI-TOF-TOF, a ThermoFinnigan LTQ and a Hybrid ThermoFinnigan LTQ-Orbitrap XL. Each of the Thermo instruments is coupled to an Eksigent nano-LC system for high throughput peptide characterization and proteome profiling. The laboratory is also equipped with necessary labware for sample preparation including, one and two dimensional gel electrophoresis for protein separation, a high resolution densitometer for gel and westerns imaging, an off line HPLC for peptide and protein separation and the necessary software packages for protein identification and quantification (Bioworks with Sequest search engine, Mascot server, stable isotope and label free proteome profiling tools

The goal of proteomics core is to support our faculty and their researchers with basic as well as specialized services needed to advance their research projects. Priority is given to CNMC investigators and those who are approved through IDDRC and/or NCMRR core grants (please refer to indicated website to see how you can qualify as IDDRC or NCMRR user). The core provide a variety of services from simple protein identification to more sophisticated services involving quantitative proteomics, characterization of post-transalational modification of proteins and help with overall experimental design and implementation of new technologies.

Specific services offered by the proteomics core include*:

  • Protein identification from gel bands or from solutions
  • Proteome profiling or quantitative proteomics using both stable isotope labeling strategy (SILAC, 15N labeling) and label free strategy
  • Consultation for specialized studies including assistance with experimental design, data analysis and interpretation
  • Basic training in proteomics including sample preparation, use of MALDI-TOF-TOF instrument, use of bioinformatics tools for protein identification and quantification.

At this time we do not accept other outside investigators.

Federally funded investigators that are approved for support through IDDRC core grant and/or NCMRR core grant will be charged only for reagents and consumables.

* Each user is responsible for his or her sample preparation. Training and guidance on how to prepare samples for mass spectrometry analysis will be provided by the core.