Genomics Core

DNA Analysis:

DNA extraction and/or purification, DNA sequencing, Genotyping. Screening for mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), SNP discovery, Genetic linkage analyses, Statistical analysis of complex genetic datasets, Genetic counseling assistance with issues relevant to human subjects (HIPPA).

RNA Analysis:

RNA extraction and purification, expression profiling----designated “Affymetrix Center of Excellence”, one and two cycle amplification, Affymetrix microarrays, access to cutting edge arrays still in “beta testing”, experimental design consultation, analysis of microarray data with different approaches—(statistical and/or informatic, pathway-driven and/or systems-based, ontological), TaqMan quantitative RT-PCR, LiCor QMF-RT-PCR, laser capture microscopy (Arcturus and Leica systems), cellular isolation methods--FACS isolation of fluorescent protein expressing cells, isolation of specific blood cells--th1/th2, monocyte, neutrophil.